Sadhguru Youtube Videos, Earnings, Stats, Hindi, Rich

Sadhguru YouTube Channel has over 7.35 Million Subscribers. He has been Considered among India’s top 50 most influential personalities of 2024. Jaggi Vasudev net worth of $25 Million Dollars including the Youtube Videos Earnings.

Jaggi Vasudev, popularly known as “Sadhguru” is an Indian yogi and author of many successful books. Jaggi has completed his education in English Hons. from the University of Mysore and has been Guiding & teaching yoga in the Southernmost region of India like in Kerala/Tamil Nadu since 1982.


Sadhguru is a Mystic yogi, visionary, Bestselling Author in New York Times, and the Most Influential Spiritual Leader in India. So, Today We are going to tell about Sadhguru Youtube, Hindi, Stats, Earnings, Subscribers, Exclusive.

The Reason behind Sadhguru being Worldwide famous is for his Impactful works as the World’s Biggest Non-Profitable Organisation Isha-foundation. Which helps people with the knowledge on yoga programs, Other Majorly Impactful Programs like Cauvery Calling, RallyforRiver, and developing humankind to its best of survival Approaches.

Sadhguru Youtube Channel

Youtube Channel

His Youtube Channel has Vibrant Stats and things we can consider before starting with that let’s recoil some basic like Jaggi Vasudev has Main Youtube Channel named “Sadhguru” along with that 28 Other Associated Channels with that one of them is about inner engineering(209k), One is for Isha Foundation with 1.26 Million Subscribers.

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Other’s are just Translating the main Channel Content for a better understanding of Each country with a different mother tongue.

All Youtube Channel details

There are 28 Channels with Subscribers of 13 Million All together.

Youtube Channel NameSubscribersChannel Links
Isha Foundation1.25 Millon SubscribersIsha Foundation
Sadhguru Hindi4.04 Millon SubscribersHindi
Tamil516k SubscribersTamil
Sadhguru Esapanol1.65 Million SubscribersEspañol
Sounds of Isha756k SubscribersTelugu
Sadhguru Bangla302k SubscribersBangla
Садхгуру — официальный кан
1.5 Million Subscribers
Sadhguru Malayalam192k SubscribersMalayalam
Kannada386K SubscribersKannada
Sadhguru Português437K SubscribersPortuguês
Chinese64.9K SubscribersChinese
Sadhguru Marathi229k SubscribersMarathi
Gujrati28.1k SubscribersGujarati
Sadhguru Français583k SubscribersFrançais
Deutsch169k SubscribersDeutsch
Sadhguru Srpski66.6k SubscribersSrpski
Arabic85.1k SubscribersArabic
Садхгуру Українською1.44k SubscribersУкраїнською
Italiano121k SubscribersItaliano
繁體中文156k Subs繁體中文
Sadhguru Română30.8k SubscriptionRomână
Nepali5.25k SubsNepal
Unplug with Sadhguru8.15k SubsUnplug with Sadhguru
Isha USA84.5k Subs
Inner Engineering209k SubsInner Engineering
Sadhguru Japanese3.35k SubsJapanese
Hrvatski3.43k SubsHrvatski
Sadhguru7.25 Mn SubsClick Here

Youtube live Stream of Sadhguru

Sadhguru youtube latest Videos

His most viewed 2024 most-watched video is a Rapid-fire Round fire by Karan Johar

Sadhguru’s youtube 2020 most viewed is Isha Kriya: Guided Meditation by Sadhguru | 12-min #MeditateWithSadhguru.

Sadhguru Youtube hindi

Hindi Youtube channel of Jaggi Vasudev is for all the Hindi Speaking listeners or Viewers all over Youtube. Which has 4.05 Million Subscribers with 851 Videos on it. Videos are basically dubbed in Hindi From Original English.

Sadhguru Hindi
Sadhguru Hindi

Sadhguru Youtube Videos

Some of the Best Videos of ISHA YT that I had like so much listed below. Sadhguru had tremendous life experiences that he shares with his Youtube Account with all millions of us around the globe.

He has referred in one of his videos that “Nowadays, The world has been researching everything they aren’t Searching something new they are just researching there and if try to convince them our Rituals and all.

They will be like is there any logic around it. “there is no comparison between logic and science. because science is like a human exists or it’s a dream and logic is like pinch me if I get hurt, then it’s true. “

How to Live Happily?

What people think about you?

What is the purpose of life? 

Sadhguru Youtube Stats

“Sadhguru” Youtube has been a Viral Account, The consistency, Quality, Like ratio, Active audience or you can say Followers.  he is a man of Knowledge and Perceiving things very well. Let’s Check its Youtube Stats on Social Blade a platform that gives the most accurate information.

Sadhguru Youtube Stats
Sadhguru Youtube Stats

Sadhguru Youtube Subscribers

Sadhguru has a total no. of 30 channels in Different Languages with the same message to the whole human race of the World. Talking about its Main channel Which is in the English Language the Whole sum no. of Subscribers on Sadhguru’s Main Youtube Channel is 8.5 Million and are in constant contact with Sadhguru’s Words of Wisdom.

Sadhguru Youtube Channel
Sadhguru Youtube Channel

Sadhguru Net Worth

Sadhguru real nameSadhguru Jaggi Vasudev
Other NameSadhguru Yogi is also another name by his beloved well Wisher’s
Sadhguru Net Worth 2022$25 Million USD Dollar
Sadhguru Educational QualificationBachelor’s of literature in English
Sadhguru’s Age63 years from 1957,
Birth Date (DOB)3 Sept. 1957,
Sadhguru Height5′ 8″ five feet eight Inches,
Owner of Isha FoundationSadhGuru Jaggi Vasudev
ProfessionSpiritual Guru (India)

Youtube Earnings

Sadhguru Earnings
Sadhguru Earnings

So, today we have discussed all Sadhguru Youtube, Earnings, Videos, and much more. Thanks for reading.

How much is Sadhguru worth?

Sadhguru is under the Top 50 Most Influential People of India. So, By far Calculating his Net Worth is $25 Million is the Known amount for his Total Net worth of Sadhguru.

Where is Sadhguru now?

It is Hard to Predict because Sadhguru is on a Constant going journey that involves the Physical aspect of Constant traveling from one city to Another. But he comes twice a year at Kailash. 3-4 times at Isha Yoga Center.

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