Youtube Roaster and Instagram influencer by name -Slayy Point
His net worth is $6.5 Million Dollars

Abhyudaya Mohan 

Slayy Point is very famous for Roasting other influencers and Youtubers, Abhyudaya and Gautami Kawale is known as a founder of ‘Slayy Point’.

His Youtube Channel

Slayy Point’s net worth is $6.5 Million Dollars. Born on 2 January 1998, lives in Mumbai, Maharashtra. 

Abhyudaya with his Partner Gautami Kawale started the ‘Slayy Pop’ another Youtube channel just after the great success of Slayy point.

Mohan’s Youtube videos easily get 6.5 Million to 10.5 Million Views on an Avg. easily. 

In 2016, Abhyudaya Mohan and Gautami Kawale started uploading Youtube Videos 2015 & both of them started with Two Channels this “Slayy point” is the third one.

In starting, they just Uploaded the low-quality content with not a Success. Which eventually failed.

Abhyudaya Mohan Wiki, Age, Salary, income, Assets, property

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