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Sudarshan Sukhani Net Worth is estimated to be around Rs. 314 Crores in Rupees which is $40 Million Dollar USD. His maximum Amount of Wealth is in the form of Stocks and Bonds, and Some Real-estate investments also where is having a huge portion of Sudarshan Sukhani game-changers tips and strategies. Sudarshan Sukhani’s portfolio helps him to be the most successful stock advisors in India.

Sudarshan Sukhani Net Worth – Successful Traders in India

Sudarshan Sukhani Net Worth is estimated to be $40 Million Dollar USD to be around Rs. 314 Crores in Rupees.

Which helped him a lot with his Best stock analysis of India, and his friend CK Narayan the most successful stock advisors in India which helped him to make him what he is today.

Sudarshan Sukhani Net Worth 2024

Name Sudarshan Sukhani
Profession Investor, Businessmen
Net Worth (2022) $ 40 Million Dollar
Net Worth In Indian Rupees Rs 14.8 Crores Rupees
Monthly Salary & Income Rs 45 lakhs Rupees
Yearly/Annual Income Rs 3 Crore Rupees
Money Factors Stocks, Dividends, Brands
Last Updated 2022

Sudarshan Sukhani Wikipedia

Sudarshan Sukhani wiki says that Sukhani is 65 Years old and was born in 1955, and Sukhani is a bit Old genius man. Who did it well good enough to get it. Sukhani was a bit knowledgeable old man pick, Which makes him perfect to have.

Stocks Review

Sudarshan Sukhani best reviews comes on his show day.

Sukhani Sukhani Age

Sukhani Sudarshan Age is known to be 65 years after, calculating from September 1955.

Sukhani Sukhani AgeAge (In years)
Age of Sudarshan Sukhani65 YEARS Old.

Sudarshan Sukhani Profile

Sudarshan Sukhani is the founder of, Sudarshan Sukhani is a former Tech-Analyst. He is a successful financial Advisor. Even have a Certified Certification as of the Financial Technician, By IFTA (International-Federation-of-Technical-Analyst) and a Current president of ATA Which is Association technical Analysts.

Sudarshan Sukhani Net Worth 2020
Sudarshan Sukhani Net Worth 2020
Sudarshan Sukhani Real nameMr. Sudarshan Sukhani
Sudarshan Sukhani
Sudarshan Sukhani moneycontrol

Technical Analyst

Sudarshan Sukhani Blog
Sudarshan Share PriceRs. 439 in Rupees INR.

Sudarshan Sukhani Portfolio

Sudarshan Sukhani’s portfolio building has started at an early age as an adult where he was just gathering and implementing the knowledge of investing. In his 20s, Sudarshan Sukhani gets the chance to get to known about the technical analysts. During a trip to America in 1988, he had brought a Book named, Technical Analysis of Stock Trends” by a famous Book Writer “Edward and Magie”. After reading that book, he was able to generate a good amount of money so that He can refer himself as a part-time investor.

After that, he had grabbed the book “Technical Analysis of the Futures Markets” Written by John Murphy Sudarshan Sukhani Net Worth. Afterward, he was able to kick the investors and their tricks from the bottom of roots which help him to start his first TV broadcasts Startup in India in mid of 1999, with CNBC, Awaaz…, which gives him visibility for lakhs of people from thousands of broadcasts of the market shows on their Show of real-time analysis to investors.

Sudarshan Sukhani takes seminars for trading and investing across India. He has done 50+ seminars on various aspects of stock market technical analysis. Additionally, he has engaged in forty-five plus trading-investing camps throughout India, arranged by ET-Now and CNBC.

Sudarshan Sukhani Net Worth Rs. 314 Crores in Rupees INR
Sudarshan Sukhani Business
Sudarshan Sukhani AddressNew Delhi,
Sudarshan Sukhani wife NameUsha
Professionfull-time trader and TV Guest
PresidentAssociation of Technical Analysts,
Age of Sudarshan Sukhani43 Years Old
Sudarshan Sukhani Portfolio includesMore than 65+ Companies.

Sudarshan Sukhani Blog & Recommendations

Sudarshan Sukhani Blog are posted on weekends and available on, you easily find out on this site. Sudarshan Sukhani Blog is enriched in itself, with you can get the Game Changer Sudarshan Sukhani intraday tips, Sudarshan Sukhani Net Worth. His friend CK Narayan Course has delayed it due to some reason but, we will be able to get it by this month-end.

Sudarshan Sukhani twitter

Sudarshan Sukhani Net Worth
Sudarshan Sukhani Net Worth

Sudarshan Sukhani Twitter Account has 1,304 followers on Sudarshan’s Twitter Account @Sudarshan4India. In which he is following  5 peoples in whole Twitter Audience. Sudarshan Sukhani Net Worth

Sudarshan Sukhani Twitter Account 
Sudarshan Sukhani Twitter ID@Sudarshan4India

Sudarshan Share price

Sudarshan Share Price of his own company S2ANALYTICS ( ) is Rs. 439.05 for today 3 November 2024. S2analytics is the place Where you can get Sudarshan Sukhani tips for today from the Most Successful Stock advisors in India.

Sudarshan Sukhani technical Analysis

Sudarshan Sukhani nifty day trading had a full Traderule book of Stock Analysis,

For Short-term Intra-day Trading, the fifty-Nifty gave a high trend mark a day on Tuesday. After an immense move in a market was expected to remain messy. On mid weekdays, the Trade Index progress a little bit core of a Slender to a span giving to a distant line of 4830 and 4900, Sudarshan Sukhani Net Worth. On the very next day, A downtrend in the market was Quickly observed and proved false in the Same Index which went below 4830 then, recovered and closed inside the mark. Sudarshan Sukhani subscription,

Now, the Nifty has been observed inside the imparted confined area for a continuous half week (4th, if we include Saturday). It is logical to await this process of downtick to goes into extension, very early. This means we can take a bit aspect towards it to takeout a trending move. Sudarshan Sukhani Net Worth

Sudarshan Sukhani Blog are returned in the market in every single opportunity they get, As we have talked about Sukhani Sudarshan age it not much impressive but yeah I guess Sudarshan Sukhani wiki says a lot about himself, Sudarshan Sukhani moneycontrol profile had a great thing about the seminars and the investing intraday tips.

Sudarshan Sukhani age is about to be 65 years as of 2020 from 1955,
Sudarshan Sukhani intraday tips are just continuously Exploding the reviews within it, with Sudarshan’s tips which lead him to achieve a name as of Game Changer Sudarshan Sukhani, CK Narayan Course Sudarshan Sukhani game-changers,

Game Changers Sudarshan Sukhani is also known for his friend, CK Narayan the best stock analyst in India. The most successful traders in the Indian Stock Market tips for today’s preview also seen from different houses, Sudarshan Sukhani nifty great tip s great knowledge you known it well as I say it you.

Sudarshan Sukhani Twitter, Sudarshan Sukhani tips Sudarshan Share price. Success stories of day traders in India. technical chart analysis of Indian stock successful traders in India. best technical analysis software India stock analysis India. most successful stock advisors in India stock market analyst.

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