Actress Denise Dowse, 64, dies after battling meningitis.

 Deceased American actor Denise Dowse. She had reached the age of 64.

After being sent to the hospital with meningitis, Dowse passed away on Saturday.

She even fell into a coma. 

Tracy Dowse posted on her sister's Instagram account that she shared the sad news that her sister 

had died away and gone to live with the ancestors and other family members.

Denise Yvonne Dowse was their last surviving relative and an incredible sister, director, guide, and talented and beautiful actor. 

Denise adored all of her friends and admirers.

 When Denise was in the hospital, she asked for seclusion and kept praying. 

 Due to virulent meningitis, she was admitted to the hospital in a coma.