Andrew Farriss, co-founder of INXS talks about his farm life

Singer/songwriter, Farriss has returned to his country roots with a self-titled debut solo album

After selling 80 million records and touring the world with INXS, Andrew Farriss is going back to his roots

Farriss is the recording artist and co-founder of the Grammy-nominated band

Farriss has spent the past 10 years writing for himself and others in both Nashville and his native Australia

Farriss owned a farm for over two decades where he lives with his wife Marlina

Now, Farriss is exploring his love for country and classic Americana in his new self-titled album available now

The album is a love letter to living life on the open road

He said that life has brought him peace despite skyrocketing to fame in the ‘80s.

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