Bryce Dallas Howard claims Chris Pratt, her co-star in "Jurassic World," made "so much more money" than she did.

Speaking out about the salary gap between her and Chris Pratt, her "Jurassic World" co-star, is Bryce Dalls Howard.

. The actress discussed how she was paid "so much less" than Pratt in an exclusive interview with Insider,

despite a 2018 Variety report that claimed she was paid $2 million less than Pratt, who earned $10 million for the second "Jurassic World" movie.

Howard claimed that she and Pratt talked freely about the salary gap for the movie. 

pratt pressed her to earn equal money on additional brand chances,

such as spinoff games and theme park experiences, 

as she was already legally obligated to the pay she would receive from the films.