DJ Turner recalls how nervous he was on Raiders cutdown day, 'great feeling' of making roster

This year's Raiders training camp's finest story has been about DJ Turner.

The former undrafted receiver and return specialist spent the 2016–17 campaign on the Raiders' practise.

and came into the 2017–18 campaign anticipating the arrival of multiple newcomers to the position.

And he triumphed against all odds to make the team for the regular season. Turner made a name for himself in large part by excelling in two positions where the Raiders were lacking — slot receiver and return man.

Hunter Renfrow is undoubtedly one of the league's top slot receivers for the team. They required depth behind him, though.

Additionally, it would be wonderful if Renfrow stopped returning punts. Turner entered and resolved both issues, and as he did so, he observed other former

It's a situation where "no news is good news," which is a dilemma for those who make the roster.

 You wait by the phone in the hopes that it won't ring. "That is the issue.

Turner remarked, "It's not like you get a congrats call or anything. Nobody calls you, which is sort of an indication that you're doing well.