Gothic Vampire Tale The Invitation Teases

Gothic Vampire Tale The Invitation Teases Then Squanders Fresh Ideas

It’s rough work trying to remix a classic like Bram Stoker’s Dracula when there’s been 125 years of others endlessly giving it a go on paper, stage and screen.

As such, when an attempt does hit some fresh angles, it’s to be commended—as is the case with The Invitation.

Coming at the mythology with a female lens is writer/director Jessica M. Thompson, co-writer Blair Butler and actress Nathalie Emmanuel

who execute some unexpected choices that manage to slightly subvert their full goth approach to the material.

However, The Invitation takes way too long getting to its most interesting ideas, leaving us with the distinct feeling of “too little, too late.”

Opening with a prologue that might as well be ripped from a Gothic potboiler or classic Hammer film

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