Here's What Emma Roberts Had to Say About Joining Marvel's Madame Web

Emma Roberts, executive producer of Tell Me Lies

talked about her experience shooting the upcoming Spiderman spinoff Madame Web

Information on what to anticipateThere are amazing things in the works!

We are interested in learning more about the upcoming Spider-Verse film

 but there is still more than a year before Madame Web is set to hit theatres

We do know Tell Me Lies executive producer Emma Roberts is on the cast list

despite the fact that a complete character breakdown and cast list have not yet been made public

However, it's yet unknown what part Roberts will play in the Spiderman spin-off

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the actress was relatively mum about plot points pertaining to her persona . She did, however, quip, "I can tell you that I'm in L.A. right now.