Brandy Bottone, a resident of Plano, Texas, was abruptly stopped by a police officer when she was travelling in the high-occupancy vehicle lane on U.S. Highway 75 South. He claimed that in order for it to be lawful, there must be more than one passenger in the vehicle. Bottone asserted that she was oblivious to the problem since she was 34 weeks pregnant. When the authorities asked where the second automobile passenger was, she responded, "My baby daughter is right here," while pointing to her stomach. She is a unique person. The officer had said that both people needed to be "outside of the body," Bottone recounted. Bottone expertly highlighted the current legal double standard in Texas: is her unborn child considered to be a human person?

She told the Dallas Morning News that, in light of everything going on with the overturning of Roe v. Wade, "One cop kind of waved me off when I stated this is a living child." "I don't know why you're not seeing that," she said the officer. The cops disagreed with her justification, so they issued her a $215 ticket. The event happened soon following last month's divisive Roe v. Wade Supreme Court ruling. In Texas, abortions are never legal. Politicians in the state want to make access to reproductive healthcare even more difficult by prohibiting out-of-state travel for operations and limiting the mail delivery of abortion drugs to women in Texas. before the illustrious Supreme Court.

According to a Supreme Court ruling, Texas has "the strictest abortion regulation in the nation," the New York Times said. In March, the Texas Supreme Court gave its approval for the six-week abortion cutoff to go into effect. The nine states that have outlawed abortions, including Texas, have very few exceptions. Abortion regulations in Louisiana and Indiana were strengthened yesterday, reducing the alternatives accessible to women seeking the procedure. According to reports in the Dallas Morning News, Bottone said, "I will be fighting it." She has both a court date and a due date of July 20.

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PLANO, Texas - A pregnant woman in Texas received a traffic ticket for driving alone in the HOV lane. Because her unborn child should be considered a second passenger, she is currently challenging the ticket. According to NBC DFW, Brandy Bottone of Plano was stopped at a sheriff's checkpoint last month because her car was the only one in the High-Occupancy Vehicle lane. To use an HOV lane, a motorcycle or a car with two or more occupants must adhere to state regulations. A lone driver is not permitted to utilise the lane. In an interview with NBC DFW, Bottone talked about the incident and revealed that an officer had stopped her car and then searched it for a second passenger.

Does It Just You? he inquires. Nbc Dfw reports that she told the officer, "I responded, "No, there are two of us." He asked, "So, Where's The Other Person?" Then Bottone, who was 34 weeks pregnant, said, "exactly here," pointing to her tummy. However, according to Nbc Dfw, the police told her that the unborn child is not regarded as a second passenger. In response, I said, "well (I'm) Not Trying To Throw A Political Mix Here, But With Everything Going On (with Roe V. Wade), This Counts As A Baby," according to Bottone, who spoke to Nbc Dfw. " The Texas Penal Code states that a foetus is regarded as a person "at Every Stage Of Gestation From Conception Until Birth."