iOS 16 Secret Features

Apple has launched ios 16 and today I am going to showcase its 5 strong features.

1: In ios 16 you can customize your lockscreen, for that you just have to hold and keep it on your lockscreen. Even now you can add widgets to the lock screen as well.

2: Notification will no longer come to the bottom while coming to the full screen, which is due to which the image is taken on the lock screen looks and looks quite clean.

3: From any image you could have copied paste, but now you can also copy paste text from the video.

4: If you want to crop and paste the subject from any image, then simply hold on that subject, after a while the subject will be automatically cropped, then you can paste it anywhere like note, email, WhatsApp.

5: Facelock in your device you could unlock vertically earlier but iOS 16 now you can also unlock horizontally.

6: Now you can edit the message sent in i message and you will also be able to undo on the same.

7: when you're on facecam call you can bring your iPhone close to Mac and the call can seamlessly switch from your iPhone to the Mac will use the Mac's camera and mics.

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