'It wasn't pretty': Phillies end Diamondbacks' win streak with 22-hit barrage

The Diamondbacks played a game that followed the standings for the first time in a week.

They appeared to be the inexperienced, out-of-contention team playing against a group that was heavily involved in the pennant chase.

 It went horribly.Tommy Henry suffered abuse. The crime was restrained.

The Diamondbacks were thrashed 18-2 by the Philadelphia Phillies to end an otherwise positive month of August.

Defense flaws were present. It was difficult. Torey Lovullo, the manager, remarked, "We don't need to go over it.

You guys noticed it. It wasn't attractive. Nevertheless, the Diamondbacks won the series after three games against the Phillies.

After sweeping the White Sox in three games in Chicago, something happened.

The first of the Diamondbacks' 24 remaining games (out of 33 overall) against competing clubs will be played against the Milwaukee Brewers on Thursday night.

Catcher Cooper Hummel stated, "I don't like to say *these* games happen,* but they do. And losses do occur. You won't triumph in every game.