James Van Der Beek goes viral on TikTok for his hatred against fire ants

James Van Der Beek hates fire ants, and now the whole world knows

The "Dawson’s Creek" actor went viral on TikTok after posting a video of himself ranting about the amount of fire ants he’s had to deal with since moving to Texas

Van Der Beek says it’s so annoying to deal with them

In October 2020, Van Der Beek moved to Texas with his family

Van Der Beek seems to love everything about living in the state except for the fire ants

Later on in his rant, Van Der Beek pleaded with the ants to simply stay in the ground rather than crawl into his socks and bed and into his children’s clothes in order to bite them

Van Der Beek claimed he is now forced to kill them and "if (they) just kept to (themselves) (they) would have been fine.”

Majority of commenters were on Van Der Beek’s side when it came to his crusade against the fire ants

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