Jennifer Flavin seen without wedding ring days

Sylvester Stallone’s marriage may have been rocky longer than realized.

The Hollywood superstar’s now-estranged wife, Jennifer Flavin, was photographed looking forlorn and without her wedding ring 11 days before she filed for divorce.

The 54-year-old former model was snapped on Aug. 8 leaving Craig’s

the Melrose Avenue hotspot where celebs go to be seen.

As she walked out, Flavin held up her left hand

showing clearly how it was completely bare and missing her usual eye-grabbing wedding ring.

The photo was taken exactly 11 days before she filed to end her 25-year marriage to the 76-year-old “Rocky” star in a shock move on Aug. 19.

She was still wearing her ring, however, in a photo with her daughters she posted two days after her Craig’s outing

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