John Eastman Died: Paul McCartney pays tribute

John Eastman left this world at the age of 83.

John Eastman's Cause of Death was pancreatic cancer.

Paul McCartney is the former brother-in-law of John Eastman. He pays tribute to john.

On thursday, Paul McCartney wrote a heartful and emotional message on social media.

In which he wrote "My dear brother-in-law, John Eastman, has passed away. Having known each other for over 50 years it is an extremely sad time for me, and our families,”

He shared a yoga picture in which he doing yoga with his brother-in-law John Eastman.

Paul was the brother of john's late wife Linda Eastman. she died in 1998 due to cancer.

He further added "John was a great man. One of the nicest and smartest people I have had the good luck to have known in my life".

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