Jon Gruden Emails: Former Raiders Coach Will Return, According to Agent

Gruden's agent has stated publicly that he believes the ex-Raiders coach was the victim of a hit job

He even recalls Gruden being in a "state of shock" after being forced to leave due to the leaking of unflattering emails. 

 LaMonte defended his client via JoeBucsFan and Ira Kaufman,

highlighting that Gruden was not in the league at the time such texts were written.

"And it was ten years ago. And why, then, Jon and the Raiders?

The tragedy is that he wasn't even in the league at the time of those e-mails. 

 You may say anything you want, but everybody who knows Jon knows he's not a racist.

That is self-evident. That would never be spoken." 

His emails were quite critical of DeMaurice Smith (NFLPA Director) and Michael Sam, the NFL's first openly homosexual player.