Karim Benzema soars, Cristiano Ronaldo plunges, along with the top climbers and unexpected entrants.

The ratings for the top 23 players in the game have been made public first, which is appropriate given that 

the list's upper echelons are populated by all the expected names, though there is still opportunity

Both Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have found themselves falling down

the overall ranking from FIFA 22 to FIFA 23 after dominating the field for

many years, with the Portuguese superstar doing so much more than the

Argentine. Both have held the top spots for more than ten years, but the

global arena is seeing the emergence of new competitors, the passing of time

A number of other well-known figures have seen their stature decline as power

Neymar dislikes the Mbappe drama but is reluctant to fuel PSG turmoil.