Langya virus china

Researchers have begun tracking a newly identified virus in China, with dozens of cases recorded so far.

The first Langya virus sample was detected in late 2018 from a farmer in Shandong province who sought treatment for a fever.

Nearly three dozen people in China have been sickened by a newly identified virus ( Langya )

35 people affected in China to langya virus..

A zoonotic disease that spreads from animals to humans, the Langya virus was first detected in the northeastern provinces of Shandong and Henan

There has so far been no evidence of human-to-human transmission of the Langya henipavirus.

It's a novel virus called Langya henipavirus (or LayV for short).

Further investigation found that 26 out of 35 cases of Langya Henipavirus infection in Shandong and Henan provinces

Tara Sutaria Biography