Man dies as strong earthquake topples building in Taiwan

A powerful earthquake that shook most of Taiwan resulted in at least one fatality

the collapse of a three-story structure that momentarily trapped four people inside

the stranding of 400 tourists on a mountain, and the derailing of a portion of a train.

The 6.9-magnitude earthquake was the biggest of around 75 that shook the island's southern shore between Saturday evening

when a 6.4-magnitude earthquake struck the same location, until Sunday afternoon.

At a relatively shallow depth of four miles, the town of Chishang in northern Taitung county seems to have sustained the most of the damage (6km).

According to Taiwan's state-run media, the Central News Agency, a guy with the last name Huang passed away at a Hualien factory after a piece of equipment fell on him.

In the nearby Hualien town of Yuli, a three-story building that housed apartments on the top floors and a 7-Eleven convenience store on the first floor fell, according to CNA.