Microsoft says restrictions on VBA macro block in Office is only temporary

Microsoft has said that it will be bring back the ban on macros as the default for all users in future

With very little explanation, Microsoft rolled back the block on macros

Since April it was harder to run VBA macros that have been delivered from the internet in key Office apps on Windows

Previously, users could easily click a button to enable macros, but attackers frequently exploited this feature to trick users into downloading malware

The company told admins last week that it was rolling back the new default on internet macros because of "feedback”

Regardless of the default setting, customers can block internet macros through the Group Policy settings

The plan is to roll the feature out to Current Channel and then other channels, like the Monthly Enterprise and Semi-Annual Enterprise Channels

It will also be applied to the Long Term Servicing Channel version of Office, including Office LTSC, Office 2021, Office 2019, Office 2016, and Office 2013

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