Mila Kunis: Ashton Kutcher look diffrent guy with Vengeance Mustache

He appeared on Jimmy Kimmer's show on thursday and open up about his facial hair transformation.

He is portraying Quentin Sellers in his new movie vengeance. Who have pencil-thin mustache

According to Ashton Kuctcher, He loved the chracter in first sight. He was like wow! it's amazing character.

He then reveal about role to his wife, mina kunis. She liked his facial hair transformation for cahracter.

He and mina kunis have been together for seven years and loving every moment they spend together.

When he called Mina kunis and Her reaction was like Oh! you are looking like a diffrent guy.

After hearing the script, I was full readu to do that project, Kutcher said,

The story of the movie is based on podacaster from newyork went to texas. Story portray What he learned at that time.

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