Rajamouli is to focus on Oscars for the next four months!

Leading filmmaker SS Rajamouli has grown more optimistic that "RRR" has a chance to win an Oscar in 2023. 

His direction and the action choreography in the movie received plaudits from international critics and Hollywood celebrities

 and the movie became well-known all over the world. 

All of the top international film festivals are now inviting Rajamouli to participate.

Netflix has recently increased its influence at the Oscars as a result of some of its movies winning major prizes. 

The king of streaming is supporting Rajamouli and "RRR."

In order to generate more buzz, Rajamouli and his team are investing a lot of money in PR-related efforts.

Rajamouli and his team will travel to the USA to conduct all of the promotion if India submits "RRR" as its official Oscar contender.

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