Star Willie Aames Found True Love with a Former Fan

'Eight Is Enough' star Willie Aames told about his love story with former fan and pen pal.

Hallmark's new movies is based on relation of willie aames and winnie hung.

Hallmark's Movie named as ‘Love in the Limelight’. In which we know how a fan letter sparked true love.

Star Willie Aames used to recieve thousands of letters a week. But he read only few of them and all of the writers put their number in letters.

At one day, He read a letter from a girl. Willie called a girl through a number given in letter.

The girl who sent the letter was winnie hung. She pickedd up his phone and hung up after listening 'Hi, this is Willie Aames calling from Universal Studios.'

Star Willie Aames called her back and she picked up the phone and said , 'It can't be you,".

After that they started chatting. They never met and only chatted on phone. Then They engaged in 2014.

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