Stranger Things Season 5 is finally here.

The new episodes haven't yet begun production, but we have an idea of what to anticipate in the next chapter of Netflix's world-dominating series.

Creators Matt and Ross Duffer, also known as the Duffer Brothers, have previously suggested that a time leap 

In Season 4, our Hawkins heroes faced Vecna, a strong foe with a convoluted past with Eleven and Dr. Martin Brenner.

The Stranger Things season 5 narrative is currently unknown, but the Duffer Brothers have hinted that they have the entire series' ending very well figured out.

Season 4 ended with each group - in Nevada, Hawkins, and Russia, respectively - inadvertently working together to take down Vecna.

It's quite doubtful that any of the key cast members would break up before Stranger Things ends up for good, so they'll all be back for several seasons.

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