The 54-year-old Donna D'Errico joins OnlyFans and warns, 'This post may upset some people. I don’t care.'

Donna D'Errico recently joined OnlyFans, and she doesn't feel guilty about it.

The 54-year-old Baywatch actress posted a picture of herself on a toilet in her swimming suit on Instagram on Tuesday.

She urged her fans to visit the link in her bio to locate her OnlyFans profile and stated that she was "doin it" in the caption.

“My take on a vintage pin-up poster. I obviously don’t take myself, 

or the fact that I’m on that site, too seriously,” she stated. 

Some people may be offended by this content. I don’t care.”

D'Errico revealed that "bikini and lingerie modelling images" will be posted on her OnlyFans page.